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Waiver and Agreement of Assumption of Risk

By signing this document, you state:

I understand the risks of playing golf and being present at location where golf is being played. I further understand risks associated with possessing and using marijuana and marijuana products in a place that is open to the public.

I affirm that I am over 21 years of age.

I affirm that I will have valid identification on me at all times when present at the event sponsored by Fore-Twenty Golf.

I understand that Fore-Twenty Golf is renting the Cougar Canyon Golf Course. This is a private event and there will be no illegal activity allowed while on the property of Cougar Canyon Golf Course. Any illegal activity is grounds for immediate removal and being trespassed from Cougar Canyon Golf Course. I understand no fees will be refunded if I am asked to leave the property.

I understand and affirm that marijuana is an illegal Schedule I drug under federal law, that I could face civil and criminal penalties under federal law if arrested, and that I will not hold Fore-Twenty Golf, its owners, directors, operators, and employees civilly or criminally liable if I am arrested while at Cougar Canyon Golf Course.

I understand and affirm that there is health risks associated with using products that may be acquired while at Cougar Canyon Golf Course. I freely choose to assume those risks. I agree not to Fore-Twenty Golf, its Owners, directors, operators, employees liable for any reaction or harm that I experience from using products while at or received during my time at Cougar Canyon Golf Course.

I affirm that Fore-Twenty Golf, its Owners, operators, employees cannot be responsible or held liable for my actions after leaving Cougar Canyon Golf Course, and that it does not condone driving under the influence of any substance or intoxicant. I acknowledge that it is recommended not to operate a vehicle after using marijuana or a marijuana product.